At West Edge Club Volleyball, we strive to gather athletes of all levels with passion for the sport. We believe that though talent is vital, hard work is the key to success. WECVB works to build athletes from beginner to advanced levels through the competitive club volleyball experiences. We hope to grow each athlete to play with integrity and passion. The desire to win through hard work is what sets us apart from good teams as a great team.

Alyssa Lee and Andrew Pitters established West Edge Club Volleyball in 2014 so they would be able to share their experiences and knowledge with young athletes who hope to reach their athletic goal in the sport. They attended Granada Hills Charter High School and were coached by Tom Harp. As competitive volleyball players, both continue to enter in adult volleyball leagues on their spare time.

Our goal is to provide an affordable option to club volleyball for all athletes who have any interest in improving their technical and fundamental skills. All levels are welcome as we will cater to each individual to increase their understanding and deepen their love for volleyball.

Welcome to West Edge Club Volleyball!