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The Lil Wedger Program is our new buddy mentorship program for players 13 & under. This program is to provide youth players who have little to no experience an opportunity to receive private training from our Mentor Players. Every training session will be under the direct supervision of a program director.

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We accept players on a monthly-basis. Participants must be able to commit to the full month. This allows us to provide steady financial support to our participating mentors.


What does "Mentor it Forward" mean?

As the saying "pay it forward" goes, we as a club will give back to our participating mentors by providing financial support for their club fee as they pass on their knowledge to their Lil Wedger.

Who are Mentors?

Mentors are current West Edge players who are 16-18 years old. Mentors have completed at least one full competitive season at West Edge.


Are Mentors qualified to be training?

All Mentors will have applied and been approved by the program director. Each Mentor will have participated in an orientation and training program before they are matched with their very own Lil Wedger. Our goal is to provide our older players the opportunity to share their knowledge and become a "buddy" to mentor new volleyball athletes looking to be introduced to the sport.

How are Mentors and Lil Wedgers matched?

Each Lil Wedger will be asked a series of questions upon registration and based on their answers, we will personally match them with a Mentor Player whom we think will be able to provide the best training experience based on personality and learning/teaching preference. Preference for a female or male, older or younger, mentor? We'll be sure to cater to the Lil Wedgers preferences and comfort levels.

What if I've been matched with a Mentor Player but don't like him/her?

No worries! We ask that every Lil Wedger works with their Mentor for at least three sessions before requesting a change. If after three sessions the Lil Wedger and Mentor don't seem to vibe, we can re-match them with another.

How is the program run?

There will be 1-2 weekly training sessions for all Lil Wedgers and Mentors. Each Mentor will train a maximum of four athletes. If you and a couple of friends are interested in training together, we can find a mentor for your prearranged group. The program will run from September - June (breaks between Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter). We'll also host a special end-of-the-season Wedge Competition where each group will compete against each other, tournament style!

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