Jake Miller

Class of 2019

Opposite Hitter

North Central College

NCAA Division III

Gregory Pond

Class of 2018

Middle Blocker


NCAA Division I

Emmanuel Egun

Class of 2017

Middle Blocker

UC Merced


West Edge and the Recruitment Process

Austin Wilmot

Class of 2016

Outside Hitter

UC Irvine

NCAA Division I

West Edge Recruited Athletes

  • Providing Information: No matter what level players are hoping to advance their volleyball career towards, we provide players with the information they need to help them get started in the recruitment process--including grades, contacting coaches, expectations, etc.
  • Highlight Video: Footage of teams will be taken at all large events and available for players to access to create highlight films to send to coaches. West Edge will also assist players edit together a comprehensive highlight video to send to potential college coaches.
  • Contacting Coaches: While players are encouraged to be proactive in the recruitment process, West Edge will reach out to coaches for players who are interested in playing at the higher level.