Practice Team

>>> What is the Practice Team? <<<

The practice team is an affordable option for players who would like to receive individual coaching throughout the off-season (Beginning of December-End of June) Coaches will focus on teaching players in all the different skills emphasizing on the correct technique.

>>>Does the Practice Team attend Tournaments?<<<

The Practice Team will not attend any official tournaments throughout the club season.

>>>How often does the Practice Team Practice?<<<

The practice team will practice the same amount as the actual club team. There will be 2-3 days of practice per week beginning December until the end of June. Each practice is 2-2.5 hours long and take place at Canoga Park High School or El Camino Real Charter High School.

>>>How much is the club fee for the Practice Team?<<<

The club fee for the Practice Team is $300/month. Payments can be made upfront or through monthly payments over the course of the season.

>>>What does the club fee include?<<<

The club fee covers all coaching and gym rental fees. It also includes club gear for each player. They will receive a backpack, two practice shirts, long-sleeve, sweatshirt, and spandex.

>>>Is the Practice Team right for me?<<<

If the player has little to no experience, the practice team would be a great option. Since coaches will focus on individual improvement, players will be able to improve their personal game more rapidly at their own speed.